Travelling To Games Events For Work

by admin | May 12, 2022

Travelling for games events can take a toll on games marketers. Don’t get us wrong, they’re super fun! But squeezing a massive convention in on your weekend between two working weeks can be challenging. We don’t know anyone within the Mag Nerds who has been to more game events than our very own Chief Nerd, Chris Doxey, so we took a few minutes to sit down with him and ask him about his game event travels and tips.


So first up, where are you off to right now?

I’m on my way to the Melbourne Esports Open, pretty much an unmissable destination on the Australian games events calendar.


Is this your first time at MEO?

I was here last year as well, lucky enough to have attended both years thanks to our wonderful clients Sony, Nintendo, Bandai Namco and 2K.


What’s your top tip for travelling to games events?

This will be obvious to games event veterans, but, hopefully I can help the new players – pack a comfy pair of shoes. Super cushioned, breathable, nice fitting shoes will make all the difference to how you feel during the event. Also, I recommend two drops of oregano oil under the tongue each morning of the event, it helps fight bacterial infections. Everything you can do to stay healthy at games events means you can enjoy yourself more and be ready for work when you return.


What’s in your pack for MEO?

Apart from usual clothes, shoes – and you’ll notice my ASICS, I never attend a convention without them – those sort of things, there’s a few things that help my trips be easier and more comfortable. My Turtle Beach headphones are oldies but goodies. Turtle Beach was the first ever brand we worked with and I was lucky enough to get a pair of these, which I still rock everywhere I go. My trusty Switch of course! I also always take a book with me, I don’t get a lot of quiet time to read a lot at home so I always pack a good one with me when I’m travelling. Right now I’m reading It Takes A Tribe by Will Dean, an awesome retelling of how Tough Mudder started. I highly recommend it for anyone in the events sphere.


What are you most looking forward to at MEO?

Apart from helping our teams delight the crowds for our clients, I’m going to try and slip away to catch some of the OPL finals. I don’t play League myself, but I don’t want to miss the chance to see it played at the highest level.


And finally, where are you off to after MEO?

My next trip is to Tokyo for TGS, I’m super excited! I’m doing a bit of recon there this year so stay tuned.


Thanks Chris!