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The success of an event depends on the people working on it!
At Magnerds, we have knowledge and experience in hiring great people for your event.

Trust Magnerds to hire quality event staff that are:

  • Professional, skilled, & trained
  • Clean and verified backgrounds
  • For small or big events
  • For last-moment vacancies

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    Professional Event Staff Hire in Sydney for Every Role

    Need event staff in Sydney for various roles? At Magnerds, we source the most competent and skilled individuals for multiple roles to ensure your successful event.

    Brand Ambassadors

    We hire brand ambassadors to represent your business and help promote it to attendees.
    Hire brand ambassadors to:

    • Reach a wider audience.
    • Create a positive and memorable experience for customers.
    • Build relationships with potential clients.
    • Generate business leads and sales.

    Cosplayers & Performers

    At Magnerds, we hire talented cosplayers and performers who can dress up as characters or perform music, dance, or magic tricks to:

    • Add excitement and entertainment to your event.
    • Create a fun and engaging atmosphere.
    • Keep guests consistently entertained.
    • Create a memorable experience for guests.


    We hire charismatic emcees who can host events of any size like a pro.
    They are great for:

    • Keeping your event on track.
    • Ensuring everyone is having a good time.
    • Keeping all speakers and performers introduced.
    • Creation of a memorable experience for guests.

    AV & Tech

    We hire experienced AV and tech staff who handle all the technical setup.
    They will help you:

    • Set up and operate audio-visual equipment.
    • Troubleshoot any technical problems that may arise.
    • Maintaining top-class internet connectivity with gadgets used.
    • Ensuring that your event runs without any interference.

    Bar Staff

    We source experienced bartenders to offer exceptional service to the guests. We offer waitstaff, clean-up personnel, and caterers.
    Trust Magnerds for hiring bartenders who are:

    • Professional & RSA-licensed.
    • Passionate and committed.
    • Good at taking orders and serving snacks and drinks.
    • Great at enhancing the overall guest experience.

    Security Personnel

    We specialise in hiring professional security personnel for events. They ensure:

    • Event safety protocols are strictly followed.
    • Efficient crowd control.
    • Access point monitoring.
    • Safety during the event.
    • Professional demeanor.
    • Expertise in risk mitigation.
    • Reputation management.

    Event Staff Hire in Sydney for a World-Class Experience

    We are the people’s choice for hiring talent because we put our heart into what we do!
    We understand our clients’ needs and follow a comprehensive process to hire event staff in Sydney.
    Here’s a list of reasons to choose us:

    • From intimate gatherings to corporate functions, we hire staff capable of handling small to large gatherings.
    • As an event agency in Sydney, our hiring process remains comprehensive regardless of the event size or type.
    • We are capable of filling up last-minute vacancies with the best talent.
    • Experienced in hiring staff for all kinds of industries.
    • We match your needs with the perfect people for your event.

    Contact us today and learn more about how we can help make your event a huge success!

    Looking for Event Staff Hire in Sydney?

    Magnerds is your go-to company for comprehensive staffing solutions for a wide range of events in Sydney:

    • Corporate Functions: Annual meetings, conferences, team-building retreats, networking events, and other corporate gatherings.
    • Promotional Campaigns: Product launch, brand activation, marketing campaign, and promotional material distribution.
    • Trade Shows, fairs, and workshops.
    • Exhibitions: Art exhibitions, product showcases, cultural events.
    • Private Parties: Wedding celebrations, birthday parties, anniversaries, retirement, and more.
    • Sporting Events: Marathons, triathlons, sports tournaments, charity races.
    • Festivals and Concerts: Fairs, music concerts, cultural festivals, and more.
    • Charity and Fundraising Events: Gala dinners, charity auctions, and fundraising walks.

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    • Can I hire staff for a specialised role which is not mentioned on your website?

      Absolutely! At Magnerds, we understand that every event is unique. We are specialised to source and hire other professionals, like talented photographers, stagehands, makeup artists, or event coordinators.

      Just reach out to us with your event staffing requirements. We’ll work closely with you to find the perfect staff members to fulfill those roles.

    • Do you provide staffing solutions for outdoor events or festivals?

      Yes, we certainly do! Outdoor events and festivals require a unique set of skills and expertise. Whether it’s managing entry gates, ticket scanning, crowd control, artist hospitality, merchandise sales, or overall event coordination, we can arrange the best staff equipped to handle the demands of outdoor events and festivals.

      Contact us to discuss your specific event requirements.

    • What is your event staff hiring process?

      We have a rigorous selection process to ensure we provide the best staff for your event. We consider factors such as experience, skills, professionalism, and cultural fit. Our team evaluates each candidate thoroughly to guarantee they meet our high standards before they are assigned to your event.

    • Can you assist with both short-term and long-term event staffing needs?

      Absolutely! Many brands run events continually. Whether you need staff for a one-time event or ongoing support, we can provide the right personnel to meet your event staffing needs.