Highlights of New York Comic Con x MCM Comic Con Metaverse

by admin | May 12, 2022

We’ve rounded up the best panels you won’t want to miss from New York Comic Con x MCM Comic Con with premier times for our Aussie and NZ viewers:

ReedPop Cosplay Clinic Channel

Join the ReedPop discord server and head over to the Cosplay Clinic channel to find answers to all your cosplay questions, share tips and talk shop all weekend long.


Melbourne/Sydney – 3:00am Oct 9 (GMT + 11)

Brisbane – 2:00am Oct 9 (GMT + 10)

Perth – 12:00am midnight Oct 9 (GMT + 8)

New Zealand – 5:00am Oct 9 (GMT + 1)

Women of Marvel

How do the women behind Marvel characters stay true to their creative style while continuing the stories of comic book characters so many people know and love? (30 minutes)

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Melbourne/Sydney – 3:35am Oct 9 (GMT + 11)

Brisbane – 2:35am Oct 9 (GMT + 10)

Perth – 1:35am Oct 9 (GMT + 8)

New Zealand – 5:35am Oct 9 (GMT + 13)

Fall Guys – Becoming #1 on Twitch & Beyond


Polygon’s Brian David Gilbert interviews creators from Mediatonic to find out more about where Fall Guys came from, what they learned from having so many players at once, and what comes next. (30 minutes)

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Specialty Costume Design | From Concept to Screen (and Everything In Between)

Renown industry costume designers Ann Foley (Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., Altered Carbon), Philip Boutte (Guardians of the Galaxy, Black Panther) and Jose Fernandez (X-Men, Denis Villeneuve’s Dune) come together to discuss concept, design and construction of specialty costumes from some of your favourite films/tv shows. (45 minutes)

Watch on YouTube

Melbourne/Sydney – 1:55am Oct 10 (GMT + 11)

Brisbane – 12:55am Oct 10 (GMT + 10)

Perth – 10:55pm Oct 9 (GMT + 8)

New Zealand – 3:55am Oct 10 (GMT + 13)

Food in Fandom | Whovians, The Flash, and Stranger Things

Dive into the world of all things geek and fandom culinary with Chris-Rachael Oseland as she whets your appetite with her culinary experiments from the Alien Universe to hobbits, Whovians, and horror. (15 minutes)

Melbourne/Sydney – 11:35pm Oct 10 (GMT + 11)

Brisbane – 10:35pm Oct 10 (GMT + 10)

Perth – 8:35pm Oct 10 (GMT + 8)

New Zealand – 1:35am Oct 11 (GMT + 13)

The Godfather of Gaming – An Exclusive Conversation With Sid Meier

The game designer and developer behind the Civilization series discusses video games evolving from “mindless entertainment” to now being considered a significant cultural commodity and art form. (30 minutes)

Watch on YouTube

Melbourne/Sydney – 2:50am Oct 11 (GMT + 11)

Brisbane – 1:50am Oct 11 (GMT + 10)

Perth – 11:50am Oct 10 (GMT + 8)

New Zealand – 4:50am Oct 11 (GMT + 13)

Batman | Death in the Family – An Interactive Tale

Join producer/director/writer Brandon Vietti, actors Bruce Greenwood, Vincent Martella and Zehra Fazal, and moderator Tiffany Smith for an in-depth panel discussion on Warner Bros. Home Entertainment’s first-ever interactive film, Batman: Death in the Family, where numerous “branches” allows the viewer multiple options and paths. (1 hour 30 minutes)

Watch on YouTube

Melbourne/Sydney – 7:20am Oct 11 (GMT + 11)

Brisbane – 6:20am Oct 11 (GMT + 10)

Perth – 4:20am Oct 11 (GMT + 8)

New Zealand – 9:20am Oct 11 (GMT + 13)

What We Do In The Shadows – Live Panel Discussion with Cast & Producers

Come with your questions and join series stars Matt Berry, Kayvan Novak, Natasia Demetriou, Harvey Guillén, Mark Proksch and the creative team in this LIVE discussion panel as What We Do in the Shadows returns to New York Comic Con fresh off claiming its eighth Emmy® nomination. (30 minutes)


Watch on YouTube

Melbourne/Sydney – 4:40am Oct 12 (GMT + 11)

Brisbane – 3:40am Oct 12 (GMT + 10)

Perth – 1:40am Oct 12 (GMT + 8)

New Zealand – 6:40am Oct 12 (GMT + 13)

Your Cinematic Universe | Worldbuilding with Fans & Franchises

Every day fans create incredible fan fiction, fan art, LARP and cosplay for their favorite franchises but the brands themselves rarely provide recognition for their fans. How can we as a culture and community integrate the audience into larger narratives when Hollywood studios weren’t built to be inclusive? Join Ahmed Best (Star Wars: Jedi Temple Challenge & Episodes 1-3), Jeff Gomez (world’s leading Transmedia producer, consultant to Disney on Star Wars & Marvel), Danny Fingeroth (author of Stan Lee’s biography, former editor of Spider-Man comics), Aaron Vanek (founder of LARP Census), and co-host Jan Lucanus to find out the answers. Panel DJ’d by global cyberpunk phenomenon Angelspit (yes, this panel has a DJ!!). (30 minutes)

Melbourne/Sydney – 8:10am Oct 12 (GMT + 11)

Brisbane – 7:10am Oct 12 (GMT + 10)

Perth – 5:10am Oct 12 (GMT + 8)

New Zealand – 10:10am Oct 12 (GMT + 13)