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Our Approach

The voice of your activation, we find magnetic and articulate personalities that care about your brand.

Authenticity 🧡

We're music nerds. design nerds, fitness nerds, gaming nerds, pop culture nerds.... the list goes on! Our team has a broad range of passions and we work tirelessly to find the perfect emcee to represent your brand.

Unrivalled professionalism 🧐

Our standard is unrivalled in events, we're always on time, we understand the brief and we have a management team that makes sure we nail it every time to your expectations and beyond. 

We show up 💪

In the post covid world, finding reliable event teams is harder than ever. We know that when activating, every role is critical. That's why our business is built around turning up when we say we will.

Diversity is our superpower 💥

When your community is diverse, they want to meet people just like them when interacting with your brand. Which is just a bonus to us, because first and foremost we passionately believe in diversity and inclusion and we've built the "Nerd Herd" on these principles.


Stage Emcees

If not already in the Herd, we search tirelessly to find the right voice for your activation.


Engaging shoutcasters for esports and gaming activations or productions

Get in touch if you need specialist presenters for your event